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3Some Wall Banger P-Spot Blue


A-Mazing 1 Berry


A-Mazing 2 Turquoise


Bloomgasm Racy Rose Thrusting & Licking


California Exotics Uncorked Rose Vibrator


Charming Smile


Chorus Crave Coral


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Black


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Blue


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Brown


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Pink


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Purple


Colours Pleasures 7 Vibrating White


Doxy 3 Clitoral Wand Attachment


Doxy 3 Masturbator Wand Attachment


Doxy 3 Rabbit G-Spot Attachment


DOXY 4.5 inch Rechargeable Vibrator Rose


DOXY 4.5 inch Rechargeable Vibrator Silver




Doxy Die Cast 3 Red Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator


Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable Blue Flame


Doxy Die Cast Massager


Doxy Original Massager Pink


Doxy Original Ultra Powerful Wand Massager


Doxy Original Wand Massager Purple


Evolved Somebunny To Love Vibrating Rabbit Pink


Fantasy For Her Her Silicone Fun Tongue


Fantasy For Her Tease n Please Her


Game Changer Black


Iroha Temari Hana Vibrator


Do You Want Vibrators? We’ve Got them.

What Is a Female Vibrator?

Vibrators have become a popular choice of sex toy due to their ability to provide intense pleasure through vibratory stimulation, pulsing touches, or suction. From clitoral stimulation to G-spot play – and everything in between – these versatile tools can give you the ultimate sensual experience!

Without a doubt, discovering the ideal vibrator can take your masturbation experience to an entirely new level. While we have no qualms about making things with a partner more enjoyable – at Flirty Rabbit Vancouver Sex Toy Shop, our priority is ensuring that you come first and foremost for pleasure.

Are you searching for a personalized pleasure experience but don’t know which vibrator to choose? Our Vancouver adult Toy Store offers various options like egg, classic, massager, Rabbit, and hands-free bullet.

The possibilities are endless! Depending on where and how you want to use it and what vibration patterns or intensity levels suit you best, there is a perfect vibe designed just for YOU. So why wait any longer? Buy yourself a vibrator today because YOU deserve it. Let’s get ready to be dazzled by toe-curling pleasure!

Are There Different Types of Vibrators For Women?

Absolutely! There are countless varieties of vibrators out there for female pleasure seekers, and the array is truly limitless. Before investing in one, though, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions – after all, you want your purchase to be well-considered.

To make the optimum sex life, pick the perfect vibrator for you. It is advisable to determine which areas of your body require internal or external stimulation and how you want to manipulate your vibrator.

Our massive collection of over 200+ vibes has been structured into several main categories to make your purchase experience easy, enjoyable, and hassle-free. So go ahead – buy yourself a vibrator today!

    • G-Spot Vibrators: To help you stimulate the sensitive spot over and over again.
    • Clitoral Vibrators: For the ultimate clitoral stimulation.
    • Clit Suction Vibrators: For stimulation that feels like never-ending oral sex.
    • Rabbit Vibrators: Experience twice the pleasure with dual stimulation, so you can have all the satisfaction you desire.
    • Wand Vibrators: To ensure maximum satisfaction and to solidify your control over powerful outcomes.

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How Does a Vibrator Work?

Vibrators can deliver unparalleled pleasure when used on and around your most sensitive erogenous zones – inside and outside the body. From vaginal to anal insertion, what works best may vary from woman to woman; however, sex experts have established that prolonged stimulation with a vibrator can result in some extraordinary sensations!

Did you know that most women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone? That’s why using a vibrator can be incredibly useful!

Let’s go back to the beginning and understand vibrators from their core. When you think of a vibe, the classic Aurora soft-touch vibrator probably comes to mind because it is a staple in this industry!

Take this soft-silicone cylindrical dildo, for example; what is its main purpose? To vibrate, of course! Nowadays, there are many options to ensure that women’s sensitive areas are satisfied. Make sure you use water-based lube with it – then enjoy the feeling!

With just the press of a button, you can adjust your vibe’s settings from intensity levels to vibration modes and patterns until it perfectly resonates with you. Plus, there are endless possibilities when it comes to vibes.

There are battery-powered and USB rechargeable vibrators. Also available with various controlling such as fitting in the palm of your hand or hands-free controlled by remote. There is truly something for everyone! And if you’re still curious about how best to use these tools, our tips on vibrator usage will help point you in the right direction.

What Are The Best Vibrators For Women To Buy?

Every woman is unique, and it can be difficult to make a definitive statement on The Best Vibrator Ever. Fortunately, here at Flirty Rabbit, Vancouver Sex Shop—an award-winning sex toy retailer, we have an insightful understanding of what ladies adore. After receiving feedback from our millions of devoted customers, we want to share some exceptional vibrators you should consider purchasing!

    • Are you looking for something to spice up your love life? Look no further! We have the best vibrators in town, and they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The Rabbit Vibrators are our best-selling product. It’s always been a crowd-pleaser with its amazing features. You can also check out our online sex shop for vibrators, which offers whisper-quiet performance that will surely rejuvenate your relationship.
    • Want to surprise your friends with a special present? Give them all the gift of pleasure by choosing a G-spot vibrator. Orgasms await!

Looking For Rechargeable Vibrators?

Are you searching for the perfect rechargeable vibrator online? Look no further! We have curated a selection of the best and most reliable brands, from luxurious to budget-friendly. You can rest assured that we have something to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to add a new sex toy to your toy box or just beginning your exploration, these vibrators are sure to bring delight. We’ll discuss features, pros, and cons, as well as pricing, so that you can make an educated choice for yourself. Ready? Let’s get going!

Are you seeking calming, effortless, and battery-free vibrators? Look no further! Plug one near your phone before bedtime to experience an energizing vibrational ambiance.

The Jack Rabbit Heated Silicone Rotating G Rabbit is your best bet for a powerful and lasting pleasure. Award-winning in its class, it’s sure to provide you with deep rumblings that will last for years to come.

On the other hand, if you need something more compact but strong enough to withstand everyday use, then look no further than the Little Wand from The Satisfyer. This lightweight design is perfect for any budget!

The rechargeable vibrator is the perfect option for people who need to bring along sex toys while they travel. This bullet-style vibe offers multi-speed control, plus a USB charger that makes it easy to charge and keeps it ready for use. Not only that, but after you’re done using this sex toy, you can clean up and store it away in just a few moments!

For more than five decades, FLIRTY RABBIT has been a dominant force in selling stimulating sex toys that inspire sexual discovery. Not only are our sex toys crafted to perfection, but they are also ethically sourced and manufactured.

Here at Flirty Rabbit, we want you to feel safe while embracing pleasure. That’s why our products are responsibly chosen – proving that ethics can also be sexy! When you shop from us, your conscience will remain clear so that all your attention is devoted to experiencing joy.

It’s not only essential that the sex toy withstands this test, but also its packaging, so it arrives at its ultimate destination untouched and unscathed.