Tips For A Better Sex Life

Tips For A Better Sex Life

Your sexuality is affected by various factors, including changes to your physique that come with age. There can be changes to your body’s neurological and circulatory functions, as well as reduced hormone levels, and these factors can result in erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain.

Due to such changes, the potency and vigour of your youthful sex life can tone down as you reach middle age. 

However, with maturity come various positive emotional changes, such as increased self-confidence, better communication skills and lowered inhibitions, with can all result in the development of deeper, more complex, and ultimately rewarding sexual encounters. 

However, many people don’t fully grasp the benefits of later-life sex. Understanding the essential physical and emotional components that promote satisfying sex will help you deal with issues more effectively if or when they arise.

Treatment for problems in sex life is now simpler than ever. Medications and licensed sex therapists are readily available if needed. 

However, by making a few changes to your lovemaking technique, you might be able to address minor sexual problems efficiently. These are some tips you can experiment with at home.

Inform yourself about sex. For any sexual difficulty, there are many excellent self-help resources available. 

You and your spouse can use a few resources you find while browsing the Internet or your neighbourhood bookshop to learn more about any issues you might be facing.

Don’t rush it. Your sexual arousal is likely to decrease with age. In order to increase your chances of success, you and your partner should look for a place for sex that is peaceful, relaxing, and free from distractions. 

Additionally, be aware that it will take you longer to become aroused and have an orgasm due to the physical changes to your body. When you give it some thought, taking more time to have sex is not necessarily a negative thing!

Use plenty of lubrication. The best way to treat the vaginal dryness that starts in perimenopause is by using lubricating liquids and gels. Use them freely to avoid uncomfortable sex, leading to a waning libido and escalating problems within the marriage. 

Talk to your doctor about additional options if lubricants stop working.

Be Physically Affectionate

Be physically affectionate. Kissing and cuddling are very important when it comes to maintaining an emotional and physical bond, so make sure you try to show affection even when you’re worn out, uncomfortable, or irritated about the issue.

Make touching a habit. You can re-establish physical closeness without feeling forced by using the sensate concentration techniques that sex therapists employ. These exercises can be found in various self-help books and instructional videos. 

Additionally, you may request that your spouse touch you in the manner in which they prefer to be touched. This can help you determine the appropriate pressure level to apply, from gentle to firm.

Test out various sex positions. Having a variety of sexual positions to choose from not only keeps romantic relationships exciting but can also aid in problem-solving. 

For instance, when a guy enters his partner from behind, the greater stimulation to the G-spot that results can assist the woman in reaching orgasm.

Make a list of your fantasies. This activity can aid in exploring potential turn-ons for you or your spouse. Consider an event or a movie that stirred your emotions, then share that recollection with your spouse. 

For those who have little sexual desire, this is extremely beneficial.

Engage in Kegel exercises. By strengthening their pelvic floor muscles, men and women can both increase their sexual fitness. To perform these exercises, tense the same muscle you would if you were attempting to stop the urine flow. 

Release after holding the contraction for two to three seconds. Do this ten times and aim to perform five sets each day. You may perform these exercises anywhere, whether you’re driving, working at your desk, or waiting in line at the supermarket. 

Women can use vaginal weights at home to increase muscle resistance. Find out where to get weights and how to use them by speaking with your doctor or a sex therapist.

Try to unwind. Play a game or go for a romantic dinner if you want to relax before sex. Alternately, experiment with relaxing methods like yoga or deep breathing exercises.

Buy Sex Toys Online

Try out a vibrator. This tool can enable the female partner to express her preferences to her spouse and learn more about her own sexual reaction. Other sex toys can also help; nowadays, it is very easy to buy sex toys online.

Don’t give up. If none of your efforts work, talk to your doctor and seek help.