Stainless Steel Slapper


This hand-shaped stainless steel crop features a smiley face cutout that can leave playful happy faces on the skin.

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Stainless steel slapper bondage is an advanced form of restraint play that is particularly popular among experienced BDSM practitioners. The stainless steel slapper used in this type of fetish play consists of two flat pieces of metal connected to a handle, which can be secured around the wrist or ankle.

The length of the handle varies depending on the preference of the practitioner. When used for restraint play, one partner will use the slapper to strike their partner’s body with varying levels of intensity and speed.

This type of bondage activity typically follows a predetermined set of rules that are agreed upon by both partners beforehand; such as how often they may or may not be struck with the slapper and what parts they are allowed to target.

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Additional information

Weight 0.25000 kg
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 45 cm
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