Bamboo Slapper


This bamboo paddle is 14 inches long, 3.125 inches wide and .125 inches thick.

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Bamboo Slapper pain and pleasure play is a BDSM activity that has been around for centuries. It involves taking a wooden or bamboo slapper, such as a paddle, and delivering light to medium-intensity spanks to the recipient’s body.

This can be done for both punishment and pleasure purposes. The sensation of being spanked with this type of object can range from a light tingle to a pleasurable pain, depending on how hard it is used and the preference of both partners.

The bamboo slapper can be used in many different ways, such as during bondage play or simply as part of foreplay. The sensation that it produces can be incredibly intense and enjoyable for those who are able to experience it properly.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.10000 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 9 × 37 cm
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