Mindful Masturbation

Mindful Masturbation

Why Mindful Masturbation?

“Flogging the dolphin” and “flicking the bean” is a normal part of one’s lifestyle and is something many people engage in. As a matter of fact, a survey has found that 70% of us masturbate at least once a month. However, we should ask ourselves, are we truly giving those sessions the attentiveness they deserve?

While the sensory onslaught of warming, pushing, throbbing, and vibrating sensations we experience when pulling out the rabbits, butt plugs, and cock rings can feel absolutely wonderful in those pre-orgasmic moments, they can also be quite the distraction.

This is where conscious masturbation varies from regular sessions; it involves relaxing into your body, experiencing all of the feelings, and forging a far deeper bond with your body and mind. Less emphasis is placed on the last orgasmic explosion and more on remaining present throughout as you wrap yourself in all your sensations.

If you seek advice about your sex life, you have come to the right play. At Flirty Rabbit Vancouver, we can give you an all-encompassing view of your sexual journey. Let’s take a look at five main benefits of masturbating mindfully:

Increased pleasure. Mindful masturbation involves minimizing distractions and other stimulations. That way, your mind is free to concentrate on getting to know the various areas of your body and discovering your erogenous zones with your complete attention. This may result in a more intense climax and longer-lasting enjoyment.

Reduced stress. It is a well-known fact that self-pleasure helps to relieve one’s stress. Orgasms aid relaxation by producing endorphins, which in turn stimulate our feel-good chemicals. It has been established that masturbation is healthy for our minds and bodies, even if we don’t reach orgasm.

Increased mental and physical well-being. Setting your needs first is essential if you want to be and feel fulfilled. By regularly engaging in mindful masturbation, you find the time to prioritize yourself and give yourself a chance to understand self-love better.

Self-confidence. You will feel more confident in yourself both sexually and generally as you grow more comfortable with what feels good and what doesn’t and learn to rely less on a partner, toy, or visual stimulus for sexual enjoyment.

Increased awareness. By engaging in mindful masturbation, you’ll become more conscious of the types of touches and affection you appreciate. Over time, you’ll be able to communicate these preferences to a partner as well.

Now that we have explored the benefits of mindful masturbation let’s talk about how to do it.

Take your time. Make sure to allocate a specific period of time for your session. It can take 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Then decide on a format for the session that includes how you want to begin, what you want to accomplish throughout it, and how you want it to conclude. For mindful masturbation, having a goal or intention is essential since it will keep you more alert during the process.

Take slow, deep breaths. The meditation component of mindful masturbating entails paying attention to your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths while varying your breathing rate. You can also try moaning while exhaling to help your breath travel as far into your pelvis as possible.

Mindful Masturbating

Ask yourself what you want. What kind of touch do you wish to feel? What emotions do you seek? What do you hope to remember about this instance? What aspects of yourself are you interested in exploring? Which fantasies would you like to arouse? You can be ever-present in your own happiness by consciously asking yourself these questions.

Make love to yourself. Don’t rush or hurry. Be patient, compassionate, and kind as you move. Your body is a sanctuary; treat it as such. Love, touch, tease, and seduce yourself. Flirt with yourself. Remember that pleasure, not orgasm, is the main focus of mindful masturbation. Enjoy the discovery rather than trying to get to the finish line.

Push your boundaries. Avoid tying yourself to a purpose or keeping yourself in the bedroom. You can explore this brand-new, thrilling sexual world however you like. Touch yourself wherever you like—in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom. After that, experiment with different positions until you discover one that feels natural to you.