Female Sex Toys

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Female Sex Toys

You see female sex toys everywhere nowadays, from your weekly magazines to your beloved TV programs. 

The reason is that the false stereotype that lonely women use female sex toys has vanished. How we talk about female satisfaction and the female climax has recently changed.

Is It Ok To Use Female Sex toys?

The idea that female sex toys are not meant to replace anybody is widely accepted. They are made to increase enjoyment and assist in having better orgasms.

Female sex toys play a significant role in a woman’s sex life. There should be no stigma associated with using sex toys because it is an acceptable and healthy pursuit.

For women, masturbating and climaxing have several advantages. Female Sex toys assist us in many ways, from reducing stress to alleviating menstrual cramps.

A Collection Of Different Sex Toys For Women

Different Kinds Of Female Sex Toys

There is always a sex device for any part of your body that you want to arouse! Choosing your first sex toy might be challenging because many options are available, but it depends on the body part you want to focus on. 

We at Flirty Rabbit have compiled a guide to help you understand several F and how you may enjoy them.


One of the most well-liked female sex toys for females is the dildo, and its appeal is mainly due to how it can be used in so many ways. Dildos are toys without vibration that serve the purpose of internal stimulation and penetration.

They may be non-anatomical with no similarity to a penis at all, or they may possess an anatomical structure to resemble a living penis. 

Dildos are available in a wide variety of forms. Flirty Rabbit Vancouver offers all kinds of Dildos, from giant dildos to dildos made with metal or glass, ribbed dildos, or even curvy dildos to precisely aim at the G-spot.

Dildos are popular among ladies for stimulating the G-spot and penetrating the vagina, but you can even get an anal dildo for anal stimulation.


No bedroom is complete without the buzzing of a vibrator. The reason is that these toys are made to assist you in having an orgasmic experience regardless of the region of your body you use them on. 

Which vibrator is the most suitable for your needs depends on what parts of your body you enjoy having aroused.

Flirty Rabbit offers affordable vibrators stimulating the vagina and G-spot and exterior styles producing the clitoris. A rabbit vibrator is an excellent option for simultaneous exterior and internal stimulation.

Clitoral Massager

One of the best female sex devices that are available to assist females in experiencing orgasm is a clitoral massager.

These clit stimulation devices are created to provide the clitoral massage that 75% of women require to experience an orgasm.

From enormous wand vibrators to extremely tiny bullet vibrators, there are many types of clitoral vibes that you can get.

These bullets are minor enough not to interfere with sexual intercourse and can be used independently or with a mate. 

The popularity of toys that imitate oral sex has also increased lately. These devices utilize suction surrounding the clitoris to induce orgasm.

Many clitoral devices are available, and the finest clitoral vibrator depends on your preferences and the intended usage of the device.

At Flirty Rabbit Vancouver, you can choose from many clitoral toys that suit your needs. 

Butt Plug

Female sex devices are not just aimed at the vaginal area. As female sex toys have become more widely used over the last several years, butt plugs have increased in demand.

They are available in various forms and intended to give the anus a natural sensation. To receive greater pleasure, you may put on a butt plug while masturbating or engaging in coupled play. 

Many individuals get their bodies ready for anal intercourse by using butt plugs. They loosen up and extend the muscles, making inserting a penis or a giant toy more pleasant.

At Flirty Rabbit Vancouver, you can choose a tail butt plug for animal role-playing or a butt plug that vibrates for greater arousal to the anus. 

Anal Beads

If a butt plug sounds frightening, but you still want to learn more about anal play, a great alternative is, to begin with, a set of anal beads. These are a string of interconnected little spheres that progressively grow in size.

They are excellent for novices since you may enter the beads for as long as you feel confident. 

This toy can be utilized during any play, either by yourself or by a partner. The orgasm may feel more potent if the beads are progressively removed before or throughout.

Nipple Clamps

One of the erogenous areas of the body that female sex toy users frequently tend to ignore is the nipple. This is because nipple clamps are typically attributed to discomfort rather than enjoyment.

And while this could occasionally be the situation, it all depends on the kind of clamp you use. Nipple clamps stop blood flow to the region by squeezing the nipples. 

Once withdrawn from the body, the blood might flow back into the nipple, causing an endorphin surge. The nipple will be more receptive to squeezing, kissing, and stroking after removal.

If you’re unfamiliar with nipple clamps, seek a design that allows you to regulate the force you prefer. At Flirty Rabbit, flexible plans like tweezer clamps, alligator clamps, or butterfly clamps are available, which are most suitable for beginners.


While the majority of female sex devices are capable of being used with a companion, there are toys made clearly for this purpose.

Handcuffs are confinement devices that constrain the user’s ability to touch and move. The purpose is to make the rest of the person’s body more sensitive by removing their mobility. 

Other female sex toys

The sex toys mentioned above are some of the most popular, but there are other choices, such as vibrating panties or finger vibes, which both have significant advantages for pelvic floor health.

Kegel balls or ben wa balls are other common alternatives, especially for beginners playing with a companion. 

A Silicone Dildo With A Realistic Texture For A Fulfilling ExperienceWhat Sex Devices Are Ideal For Beginners?

If you know what you’re looking for, finding the most suitable female sex toy is quite simple. Start small because if a toy is too big, you can find it challenging. 

Ensure you always purchase sex toys that are good in quality. This does not imply that you must buy the most costly toy available.

Ensure that you choose a toy that is safe for the body and will last long by reading user reviews. This is where Flirty Rabbit comes in.

Flirty Rabbit provides the highest quality toys that are also affordable. So if you are based in Vancouver, Flirty Rabbit should be your go-to place for all your female sex toy needs.