How to Choose a Butt Plug

How To Choose A Butt Plug

Hello there, sexually open-minded and curious reader! Thank you for discovering, clicking, and at least reading the initial sentence of this semi-satirical yet ultimately informative blog post on how to choose a butt plug

Whether new to sex toys or simply seeking more information, we are delighted you have found your way here. We aim to assist you in your quest for knowledge about this delightful aspect of anal play.

What Exactly Are Butt Plugs?

As you may have guessed, a butt plug is a sex toy intended for sexual pleasure when inserted 

into the rectum. It is distinguished from a standard dildo by its flared base or bottom stopper, preventing it from getting dislodged or lost in the anus.

This is a crucial distinction, so please pay close attention to the last part and take it seriously if you want to choose a butt plug that can give you pleasure. While this blog post contains some humor about the topic, it is essential to treat anal play with both respect and caution. Let’s explore how to choose a butt plug for maximum pleasure.

How To Properly Use a Butt Plug?

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus, stimulating various erogenous zones based on individual anatomy. They are considered versatile anal sex toys and suitable for everyone. These stimulation areas may include the prostate (if present), the back wall of the vaginal canal (if applicable), and the sensitive nerve endings of the anus.

How to Use a Butt Plug

Considerations For Ensuring Safety With Using Butt Plugs

  1. For an authentic experience, choose a genuine butt plug.

For a safe exploration of anal play, it is recommended to use sex toys that are specifically designed for this purpose. It’s important to ensure that the toys have a flared base. So, choose a butt plug that is real.

  1. Avoid transitioning directly from anal to vaginal play.

The vagina and rectum are incompatible, and their interaction can disrupt the balance of vaginal pH or cause infections. It is important to avoid such interactions to maintain vaginal health.

  1. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.

The anus does not naturally produce lubrication as the vagina does, so it is important to use ample lubricant and reapply as necessary. It is equally important to choose the right type of lubricant. Thicker lubricants and gels are particularly suitable for anal play. Additionally, considering the materials of the sex toys you are using will help determine whether you should use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant.

  1. Anal play should always be pleasurable and comfortable.

Feeling mild discomfort during anal training as you adjust to something entering rather than exiting your rear is normal. However, it is crucial to distinguish between discomfort and pain. We strongly advise against using numbing creams and desensitizers. These products hinder your ability to explore what pleases you during anal play and can mask potential tears or fissures in the skin. Staying attuned to your body’s signals and prioritizing your well-being is important.

How To Choose a Butt Plug: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Welcome! Congratulations on reaching this point. Now, let’s delve into the essential advice to choose a butt plug tailored to your needs!

The Material Of The Butt Plug

Butt plugs are available in various materials, including nickel-free stainless steel, glass, silicone, jelly, and even wood (which may seem unusual, but it’s an option). As you progress down the list, the plugs become softer and more flexible.

For beginners, softer plugs are generally advised as they offer a great balance of flexibility and firmness. This ensures easy insertion and a pleasurable experience while being more comfortable and accommodating for bodies still getting used to anal stretching and fullness. 

Opting for a non-porous material is recommended for hygiene purposes when choosing a butt plug, especially if the plug is intended to be shared.

We have some absolute favorites that will spice up your intimate moments. From the enticing Stainless Steel Plug to the tantalizing Playboy Pleasure Tux, and not forgetting the thrilling Gender X Rockin’ Vibrating Metal Plug, we’ve got something to satisfy every desire. Explore our butt plug collection and indulge in pleasure like never before!

Correct Size

When it comes to getting comfortable with wearing a butt plug, it’s important to take your time and follow the “slow and steady” rule. One suggestion is to start with finger play and then choose a butt plug size that matches your comfort level (always remember to use lube). Don’t worry if the plug you’re considering seems small; your anus, which is new to this experience, won’t mind at all.

Are you looking to explore new horizons? How about giving an anal training kit a try! These kits offer a range of 3-5 plugs that gradually increase in size, allowing you to expand your boundaries over time comfortably. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of pleasure and discovery, and choose a butt plug that fits your needs!

Butt Plug with Extra Features

Perfect Fit

How long are you going to keep it on? For some, the sensation of wearing a plug extends beyond just sexual encounters. While it may not be something you can immediately dive into when you first venture into the thrilling world of butt plugs, with time, you can gradually increase the duration of wearing a plug, discovering new levels of pleasure and prolonging the experience.

It is generally advised not to wear a plug for more than 3 hours, although individual tolerance may vary. (We highly recommend giving your booty a break, though!) Choosing a butt plug specifically designed for the occasion is essential when considering prolonged wear. Opt for a more flexible plug that accommodates your movements or a rigid plug for stationary or prostate play. To prevent any unexpected slipping, wearing a pair of snug underwear or using a harness can be helpful.

Special Features: Choose A Butt Plug With Extra Features

But plugs offer more than just insertable pleasure. Some plugs, such as the 3Some Wall Banger Vibrating Anal Beads, have exciting vibrating features. Others, like the Svakom Vick Neo, are designed with external stimulation pads against the perineum, enhancing pleasure.

Alternative designs are also available for double penetration or with thrusting features, such as the Lovers JoyStick Thruster and the Strap On Me. Charming plugs are available in Pride colors, adorned with gemstones or Fox Tail Butt Plugs to add a touch of fantasy and playfulness to your experience.

How to Clean a Butt Plug

Learn How to Clean Your Butt Plug

After each use, it is crucial to thoroughly clean your butt plug using a toy cleaner and warm water. Steel and glass plugs are the easiest to clean. Silicone butt plugs may require more scrubbing but are generally safe to use. Take extra care when washing jelly plugs before and after use. If your jelly plug starts to change color, texture, or scent, it is time to dispose of it.

As a leading adult sex toys store in Vancouver, we have given the instructions to choose a butt plug. If you have further questions, please get in touch with us or visit our online sex toys shop to choose a butt plug.

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