Penis Size Matter

Penis Size Matters? 7 Myths and Truths About Penis Size Debunked

Is penis length and width actually important? Is size actually related to sexual pleasure? How short is too short? You may have heard that the average penis size is around 5 inches, but others may be anxious that their length or girth is not the “perfect size”.

We humans are insecure, and we often compare ourselves to porn rather than working on discovering all the pleasure we may experience with our bodies and bring to our partners regardless of length and girth.

Suppose we learn to put away the measuring tape. In that case, we can widen our sense of pleasure and learn to work with our bodies rather than battling against them, feeling bad about ourselves, or letting our insecurities take over and ruin a perfectly pleasurable experience.

Should We Really Worry About Penis Size?

Expanding your skillset in bed is much more important than worrying about penis size. Regardless of penis size, sex can be extremely pleasurable if both partners communicate well and are mindful of each other’s feelings. Redefining sex to encompass all forms of play, such as oral sex, fingering, and sex toy stimulation, rather than only PIV (Penis in Vagina intercourse).

In reality, what we usually refer to as “foreplay” should be a part of sex, sometimes even the entire sex experience! It’s not a pre-game or warm-up before insertion. All forms of erotic play are equally crucial in bed. And they can be combined to give your partner more pleasure than anything.

Insertion and thrusting are not what sex is all about. Rushing through foreplay and racing right to insertion, or even assuming that insertion is the most important or the only important part of sex, can be incredibly hurtful to you and your partner and result in a sub-par sexual experience.

By running through or passing some of the most enjoyable parts of sex, you reduce the chances of your partner reaching orgasm in the first place. For most people with vulvas, clitoral stimulation is more helpful in achieving orgasm rather than insertion. Have your definition of sex and pleasure. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t be scared to redefine sex as you see it.

Penis Size Is Irrelevant, And Measuring Is Unnecessary

Measuring the length or girth of your penis is unnecessary – the inches really do not matter. Comparing yourself to other people isn’t helpful either.

Measuring And Understanding Penis Size

Understanding penis size is more than just measurements. Let’s debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding this controversial topic.

Especially since porn tends to over-select for large penises and doesn’t accurately represent average penis size. Regardless of penis size, porn does not accurately represent the level of pleasure you can provide your partner. Porn is a drama. And that is done for the sake of an audience and does not show you what real sex feels like or how it can be.

It is important to listen to your partner’s needs and wishes. It is also important to find out what makes them feel comfortable and happy. You can experiment with various sexual positions, methods, strategies and toys to enhance pleasure. You can now easily buy sex toys online from a reputable website like ours. Size is considerably less significant than knowing how to use the tools you have. It’s crucial to communicate!

Examine How Your Pleasure Is Affected By Penis Length And Girth Size

Everyone needs to be aware of how their body responds to different types of stimulation, various angles, tempos, and sex positions. If you know your body well, you can take it to the bedroom to share it with your partner.

You can tell them what turns you off and brings you to the edge quickly. With all your self-awareness, you can explore new sex toys and try new sex positions, speeds, techniques, and more so that you discover a new sexual prowess inside of you. You can target all your erogenous zones with different implements, be it mouths, fingers, sex toys or other things.

Something that is really effective in the bedroom is encouraging your partner to try things out on their own, with fingers or toys, and then asking them to demonstrate what they like. Together, you can explore different tempos, techniques, speeds and positions. This will pave the way for deciding what works best for you.

If you are interested in exploring how girth, length and shape change the stimulation, you can get yourself a rabbit vibrator that has different shapes and sizes. With these, you can examine what works for you and find ways to maximize the pleasure.

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Bigger And Better Is A Myth

Many women in Canada have had some of the worst sex with extremely long and girthy partners. A common misconception is that people with large penises only need to thrust, and their partner will moan in pleasure, just like you see in porn.

Illustration Of The Penis Size Myth &Quot;Bigger Is Better&Quot;

Believe the myth that bigger is always better when it comes to penis size. Let’s explore the facts and debunk common misconceptions surrounding this controversial topic.

A long penis could be not only uncomfortable and painful, but it also does not include all of the body’s erogenous zones, particularly the highly sensitive and pleasurable clit. Porn rarely depicts anything that does not involve penetration and thrusting. In reality, sex is far more dynamic and often a full-body experience that necessitates more deft positioning and a variety of motions to get yourself and your partner into the pleasure zone.

Believe it or not, small penises sometimes allow for the best sexual experiences. I’ve had friends who have had the most intense orgasms of their lives with smaller-sized partners. They have even squirted for the first time. In these instances, partners knew what they were doing. These partners could frequently angle their penises to target the g-spot and move in just the proper motions without having it uncomfortably hit the cervix.

When inserted all the way, the tip is perfectly sized and shaped to target the nearby g-spot, and the receiver can move back and forth to rub their clit on their partner’s pubic bone for intense dual stimulation. This can lead to extremely intense and pleasurable orgasms.

Increasing Pleasure Is So Much More Than Having A Big Penis

As we said before, porn is inaccurate. Let go of what you see in porn, and truly hone in on your partner’s pleasure and indulge in all the sensations you feel.

Many people focus too much on thrusting, pounding and jackhammering, which can often be uncomfortable and bring no stimulation to the clitoris. What can really help is asking your partner what techniques help her achieve orgasm. It would be best if you could spend more time on the clitoris and other nerve pleasure centers in her body.

Try to revamp your sex style to include the positions, tempo, and movements your partner is interested in rather than what you have seen in porn.

As mentioned, pushing and thrusting are not the only things during sex. You will really need to get the benefit of going for positions that allow you to grind rhythmically and do back-and-forth and side-to-side motions instead of just thrusting. This will generally provide more pleasure and sensation to all nerve endings, including the vagina, vulva, and sensitive clitoris.

The Coital Alignment Technique

The Coital Alignment Technique Is A Popular Sex Position

A man and woman are in a sexual position with the man’s body raised and the woman’s legs wrapped around him.

Going into more specific techniques, one of the best positions that can give you truly mind-numbing orgasms is The Coital Alignment Technique, or “The Cat.”

This technique is a type of missionary position, and it directly stimulates the clitoris and brings a massive amount of pleasure by allowing the clit to grind against the pubic bone. If you want more clitoral action during sex, this position is the best for you!

Another way to do this is to have the person on the receiving end on top. This will allow them to control the speed, depth and movement during sex. This will let them feel more comfortable and hit the brakes if things get too uncomfortable. Rather than in-and-out thrusting, try focusing on circular motions, grinding your clit against the pubic bone, back-and-forth motions, which will allow extra g-spot stimulation, or leaning over to your partner to get more skin-to-skin contact.

Exaggerated Cowgirl Position

Find ways to incorporate clitoral stimulation (which is what gets most people with vulvas off!) into any position, whether it’s reaching around or using a toy during doggy style, or taking advantage of hands that are free to explore your partner’s body when the receiver is on top.

Whatever the size or shape of your or your partner’s penis, knowing your body, communicating, and concentrating on your most pleasurable areas are the most important aspects of sex. You have to understand your own and your partner’s pleasures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new toys or different positions, and adjust your techniques and methods following your partner’s requirements. And as always, keep the lines of communication open! Regardless of penis size, you can definitely increase your pleasure with the above suggestions.