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6” & 7” Dillio Platinum Body Dock SE Pegging Kit


Colors Pleasures 6 Yum Yum Dildo Blue


Colors Pleasures 6 Yum Yum Dildo Pink


Colors Pleasures 7 Yum Yum Dildo Blue


Colors Pleasures 7 Yum Yum Dildo Pink


Colors Pleasures 8 Yum Yum Dildo Blue


Colors Pleasures 8 Yum Yum Dildo Blue


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Black


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Blue


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Brown


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Pink


Colours 5″ Vibrating Dildo Purple


Colours Double Pleasures Black


Colours Double Pleasures Blue


Colours Double Pleasures Purple


Colours Dual Density 5 Dildo Blue


Colours Dual Density 5 Dildo Pink


Colours Dual Density 5 Dildo Purple


Colours Dual Density 8 Dildo Blue


Colours Dual Density 8 Dildo Pink


Colours Dual Density 8 Dildo Purple


Colours Dual Density 8″ Dildo Brown


Colours Dual Density 8″ Dildo White


Colours Girth Blue


Colours Pleasures 10 Dildo Black


Colours Pleasures 10 Dildo Blue


Colours Pleasures 10 Dildo Purple


Colours Pleasures 4 Dildo Black


Colours Pleasures 4 Dildo Pink


Colours Pleasures 4 Dildo Purple


When it Comes to Buy Dildos Online, You’ve Got Choices.

A great dildo is like a fantastic book: lengthy, robust, and hard to resist!

Whether you’re after something realistic with a flesh-like texture or are looking for an abstract design in funky colors and textures, our selection of dildos has got it all. With styles that suit vagina and anus stimulation, we have the perfect toy for everyone!

If it’s your first time exploring, why not start small with one of our mini dildos and work up from there? And no worries – we’ve got you covered when it comes to the budget too. We have a wide array of affordable options and luxury treats that won’t break the bank!

Silicone dildos provide a gentle, elastic feeling; however, never use silicone lube with them. On the other hand, plastic and rubber dildos are realistically firm but can be used in conjunction with any lubricant. For an even more daring experience, jelly dildos give you enough flexibility to get into those tricky angles!

If you’re searching for a stiff-penetrating, easy-to-clean dildo experience, then glass or metal is your best bet. On the other hand, if it’s comfort and realism you desire most in a toy, look no further than TPR – this temperature-adjusting material will quickly warm up to match yours!

At Flirty Rabbit Vancouver, we offer highly-rated brands, from Icicles to Doc Johnson. No matter what kind of adult pleasure product you require – vibrant colors or lifelike textures – our selection is for everyone!

Additionally, our selection of suction-cup dildos makes it simple to fulfill your desires in the shower or against any wall.

As the perfect finishing touch to your dildo purchase, browse our impressive range of harnesses, lubes, and sex toy-cleaning products. However, always double-check product compatibility and detailed cleaning instructions to ensure a safe experience.

Dildo Sex Toys

What’s a dildo?

Stimulate yourself or enjoy a sensual session with your partner using a dildo, an artificial penis that is designed to look and feel like the real thing. Everyone can use this sex toy—no matter their gender identity or sexual preference—to reach ultimate pleasure on their own or with someone else!

For over two millennia, the artificial penis has been used as a staple sex toy. Experts believe the oldest dildo on record is nearly 28,000 years old and was discovered in southern Germany! Unlike vibrators which provide supple motions for pleasure seekers of all kinds, these toys come in an assortment of sizes and designs to satisfy each individual’s desires.

Dildos Sex Toys

What Types of Dildos are there?

There are several dildo models in the market. There are models for men, women, or couples that can be used together. You can masturbate with a dildo, but you can also use it for foreplay.

For those just starting in the world of sex toys, dildos are a great place to begin. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, such as glass or silicone – each offering unique functions and purposes. So read on for more information!

If you’re curious about the varieties of dildos available and how to use them, look no further! Below is a comprehensive guide to different types of dildos and their respective purposes.

Strap-on Dildos

Broaden your sexual horizons with a strap-on dildo, the thrilling sex toy everyone should have in their bedroom. Strap-ons are made of two parts: a harness and an artificial penis – making it perfect for any couple, regardless of orientation. Add extra pleasure to your sensual encounters and spice up foreplay by bringing this revolutionary device!

Transform your sex life with a harness that you can secure around your waist or hips. Attach the pleasure bar to it, and have fun exploring new sensations! Strap-on penis dildos offer an exciting way for couples to enjoy anal, vaginal, or oral penetration. Amongst these models come three distinct types:

Hollow Strap-on Dildos

The hollow strap-on dildo is suitable for men. A man can insert his penis into a hollow model to penetrate a woman. For example, if you have erection problems or temporarily want a larger penis.

Strapless Strap-on

Designed to stimulate both partners, the strapless strap-on is a revolutionary device without harnesses that allows for hands-free pleasure. One end of this ingenious product can be worn internally by the woman while simultaneously providing enjoyment for her male or female partner with the other end.

Strap-on Dildo With Suction Cup

If you are looking for a dildo to attach easily and securely to your strap-on harness, then look no further than the model with a suction cup. Quickly prepare for playtime without worrying about rings or straps that might keep coming loose – thanks to its superior suction power, this dildo will stay in place!

Double Strap-on

The double strap is made to penetrate your partners vagina and anus with a harness. There are models with two or three dildos.

Strap-on Harness

A strap-on harness is a perfect choice for both men and women. You can attach any attachment that you want, such as a strap-on, to the harness to give your partner pleasurable penetration.

XL Dildos

A large dildo for those who want more. Longer, more volume, and more stimulation. XL models are usually above 25CM. There are also special large dildos that you can use for manual sex; these are hole-punch dildos. They are above average in length and shaped like a fist.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are specifically designed for anal penetration, boasting a shape that stands apart from other anal sex toys. These models have an extra-narrow tip to make insertion simple. Anal play necessitates its own unique approach compared to vaginal stimulation – so take the time to explore what your body needs with these special dildos!

Thus, it is essential to exercise caution. Due to its slim design, inserting this toy easily enables users to regulate the depth of penetration – making it perfect for both anal novices and experienced individuals alike!

Prostate dildo

The prostate dildo is specifically crafted to provide a pleasurable massage of a man’s g-spot, which lies approximately 5 to 6 cm deep inside the anus near the bladder and resembles a walnut. Reaching this elusive spot has never been easier with one of our specially designed models – insert them into your anal canal for an incredible experience!

All models in this category feature curvature and curved ends to achieve this. Prostate stimulation can cause intense orgasms.

Squirting dildos

A squirting dildo resembles the classic variant in appearance. The difference is in the ability to inject, just like with a real ejaculation. This sex toy has a hole through which you can spray liquid. Ideal if you don’t already have a partner but still want to have “real-life” sex. Also suitable if you’re going to experiment with your partner.

Double Dildos

Double dildos are specially designed for double penetration, with two generous penises on each end and a length of over 20 CM. Crafted from a soft, flexible material such as silicone, these toys provide an ideal sensation for maximum pleasure.

This makes them very flexible, and they can be used in different positions. You can wear a double model when masturbating. But such a toy can also be used with a partner if you want to implement the sandwich idea without third parties.

Glass dildos

A glass dildo is an excellent option for your bedroom adventures. You may be wondering why this type of sex toy would be preferable over, say, a silicone one. Well, there are many benefits to using a glass model!

For starters, they make it incredibly easy for beginners due to their slick texture that effortlessly slides in. Plus, cleaning them is much more hassle-free than other materials – so you can continue enjoying the pleasure without interruption.

Dildos with Suction Cup

A suction cup dildo can be identified by the suction cup attached to the base of this toy. With the suction cup, you can easily attach this toy to any flat and smooth surface. It is also possible to combine such a model with a strap-on belt.

Transform your foot into a strap-on dildo with the harness attachment! With toys varying in size, you can enjoy penetration of both the anal and vaginal areas. Uncover new levels of pleasure as you explore what this unique item offers.

Inflatable Dildos

An inflatable dildo is a model that you can adjust to the desired size thanks to a handy hand pump. This dildo grows both in length and width. A model of this category is suitable for people who have more experience with these toys.

They make you feel full and are known to stretch you out. You can use them anally and vaginally.

Realistic Dildos

If you crave the sensation of having a real penis in your hands, a realistic dildo is exactly what you need! This model has been tremendously successful with individuals who are just getting started with sex toys and those who have already tried several different products.

It’s easy to see why – this toy features intricate details like veins and ridges that provide an incredibly lifelike experience. With its eye-catching realism, it will be hard to believe that it isn’t actually alive!

From pale to dark and all hues in between – there are countless numbers of realistic models displaying a multitude of shades. What’s more, these spectacularly unique individuals also come with special coloring! Dive into the list below for an eye-opening look at some of the most dazzling types around.

Black Dildos

Our exquisitely crafted black dildos are designed to provide you with a realistic experience that is unlike any other. Each toy boasts lifelike veins and scrotums and comes in various sizes and lengths to maximize your gratification. With our selection of dark toys at your disposal, it’s time for you to take control of the pleasure!

Pink Dildos

With their bright and vivid hues, pink dildos stand out from the crowd and feel incredibly realistic to the touch. Every detail is crafted with precision – from its lifelike glans and balls down to its scrotum – making it a great choice for pleasure seekers who want an immersive experience. Best of all, these models are available in various sizes and shades of pink!

Metal Dildos

Metal dildos boast a sleek, glossy finish and effortlessly glide into the body. Plus, they produce an intense sensation of coldness that beginners will absolutely love! So if you’re looking for something to add excitement to your sex life and experiment with new sensations, then look no further than metal dildos.

Dildo briefs

If you’re looking for a unique option in this category, then consider investing in a Slip with Dildo. They provide constant stimulation throughout the day and come in three different sizes to accommodate all of your needs. Made from lacquer, leather, and latex materials that will perfectly match any fetish wardrobe–these models are great for both men and women alike! Especially popular among BDSM lovers who want something special to spice up their naughty activities.

Vac U Locks

Vac U Locks is an innovative system designed to work with your harness and its attachments. Manufactured by a leading industry expert, you can combine the Vac U Lock brand’s vast array of products for sexual pleasure, from butt plugs and vibrators to dildos that can be switched during penetration!

How To Use A Dildo With A Partner

But don’t think that you have to keep all this fun to yourself: a dildo ride is a fantastic thing to share with your lover. 

On the one hand, they offer you the opportunity to experience double penetration without recruiting a third member.

Remember, if you go near the back door, use plenty of safe anal lube.

Double-ended dildos are an exceptional toy for couples—any gender! You and your partner can enjoy these devices’ pleasure by inserting one end into you while simultaneously pleasuring them with the other. Even if you’re flying solo, don’t worry; grab a flexible edition instead.

Or you could try pegging. A strap-on allows partners to penetrate each other while keeping it strapped to their bodies.

For straight couples, pegging can be an exciting way to play role reversal. For lesbian couples, they are the perfect toy to experience deep vaginal penetration.

Buy Your New Dildos Online: Always Safe & Discreet!

Securing your dream Dildos has never been easier – with various secure payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, available. Shopping with us guarantees anonymity and discretion; our team of helpful advisors is always ready to support you in finding the perfect item for you. Purchase your top-notch Dildos quickly and easily online today!

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