Handling Big Dick When Having Sex

5 Tips on How to Handle Big Dicks: A Comprehensive Guide to Enjoyable Sex

You meet this guy, and he is everything you could ever desire in a man: powerful, attractive, cute, funny, brilliant, the whole nine yards. As you start making out, you think, “Wow, this is going to happen,” and it does. You’re getting along well. After exchanging touches, your and his shirts come off, followed by the bra and slacks, and you know…

You come across this guy, and you two immediately hit it off, and things look good. He’s everything you could want: powerful, attractive, cute, funny, brilliant, all nine yards. You start making out, and things are going great, and it’s hard to believe this will happen. You’re getting along well. After exchanging touches, your shirts come off, followed by your bra and slacks, and you are hit with an alarming realization…in this article discusses how to Handle Big Dicks.

He has an ENORMOUS dick.

Maybe it’s longer than you are used to. Perhaps it’s too broad. Maybe it’s both, making it even more terrifying. You pause and think, “This is a straight-up porn star dick. How am I supposed to handle all of this?”

First of all, do not panic. Do not worry. Take a big breath. Handle Big Dick dicks on anyone, regardless of body type and size. Pseudoscience has attempted to relate dick size to shoe size or height, but all their conclusions have proven false. The only guess that has proven to be at least remotely true is that the index finger’s ratio to the ring finger’s size can predict penis size (hard to believe, isn’t it?). 

Nevertheless, you won’t know until their pants are removed unless you’re measuring your partner’s index finger (but really, this will lead to an awkward conversation about why you are inspecting their hands). Despite how intimidating it may be, there’s no need to turn around and flee. Don’t worry – you’ll be working that extra-large dick in no time with some information and some advice from us.

Fitting Big Dicks Inside You

We know that being intimate with someone with a bigger-than-average penis can be pretty intimidating, but should you let insecurities like that get in the way of having a good time? You don’t have to attempt complicated acrobatic manoeuvres when having sex with someone with a giant dick, nor do you have to be afraid. 

You can do many things to Handle Big Dicks comfortably or give a blow job to one. Although this might seem complicated, it’s pretty easy to do proper foreplay and allow yourself time for arousal and relaxation. To make it even easier, you should work with good sex moves, positions and tricks that enable you to take in a giant penis with no discomfort.

However, you must never forget that everybody is unique and that vaginas and penises come in various sizes. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Pay attention to your body’s signals and not push yourself over your limitations because pain is your body’s warning that an injury could be right around the corner. 

In the future, you may always go back and try again with new methods! If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, you can pause, slow down, apply lubrication, or resume foreplay and excitement as your vaginal muscles relax. Allow your body to warm up gradually at its rate, and you will see that you can take your partner’s penis with much less discomfort.

Sometimes, your partner might remind you that a vagina can push out a baby and that it should be an easy feat for you to take a large penis. However, your body creates hormones to support you, and there still can be issues, such as vaginal tears. Each vagina has a different degree of “stretchiness”; some partners can be “too big” to fit completely. Try to recognize your body’s signals of pain and discomfort, and don’t push yourself above your boundaries. It’s possible that it won’t work out, but that’s okay. There are many other things you can do for fun besides penetration.

The Importance Of Foreplay

Foreplay is the best way to get yourself and your partner aroused. Preparing yourself is very important, especially when taking in a big penis. Your pelvic muscles and vaginal walls automatically enlarge when you’re turned on and excited, which makes it easier to fit a larger penis.

Spend a fair amount of time touching and positioning each other and discovering one other’s body. Be imaginative and allow yourself to feel calm and stimulated. You’ll thank us later – foreplay can often be as stimulating as sex! With smaller penises, you might be able to take it right away, but if you try to insert a larger penis before you’re ready, it will hurt or be downright tricky.

Start by exploring your erogenous zones through mutual masturbation, making out, touching, stroking, grinding, or even an erotic massage. To warm up, you can also look into oral sex. Use fingers, vibrators, or other sex objects to encourage the relaxation, arousal, and expansion of your vaginal walls.

 Toys are a fantastic way to make your sexual experience extra-stimulating. A vibrator is a terrific way to get in the mood and warm your body before sex. Our favourite vibrator, possibly the most popular, is the Magic Wand, which can help you achieve erections, get warmed up, and stretch your pelvic floor muscles to make room for an enormous dick and let you experience orgasm during sex (or any other time!). You have a wide range of alternatives to match your needs and your partner’s, so don’t limit yourself to what you already know – make sure you explore all options.

Big Penises And Blowjobs

When it comes to blowjobs, you might discover that oral sex with a Big Dick is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. You might be unable to fit the entire dick in your mouth, which is not a problem. You do not need to push past your limits and try to take the whole penis inside; that’s not what blowjobs are always about. The tip of the penis (especially if your partner is uncut) is considerably more sensitive than the shaft, and you can focus on the head while giving a blowjob to someone with a big penis.

Try working the tip by licking up and down the shaft, rotating your tongue around the head, and using your hands (coated with spit) as a mouth substitute. Use your hands, lips, and language to create an experience that includes wet, enveloping, or suctioning feelings without swallowing the entire penis. Oral sex involves much more than just taking the whole thing into your mouth. You can explore and pleasure various ways, so don’t worry about deep-throating a massive dick or testing the limits of your gag reflex.

Having Sex With A Partner With A Big Dick

After plenty of foreplay, you’ll feel much more aroused and ready to have a good time. When you’re ready to start having fun, cover both your vulva and your dick in copious amounts of premium water-based lubricant. Concentrate on the present, your partner, or the fantasies, desires, and sensations that thrill and excite you the most. Make sure to keep using the vibrator or the particular foreplay approach that feels wonderful to you. Don’t keep asking yourself, “Will it fit?” you can Handle Big Dicks properly. Instead, try to keep your body aroused with sensation and pleasure throughout.

Remember- communication is key! Make sure you’re communicating honestly at all times. Encourage your partner to move more slowly if you are feeling any discomfort, get them to check in with you, and to pay attention to your body’s reactions. Tensing up, grimacing, or wincing indicates you need to slow down. 

If it initially seems a little tight, ask your partner to pause and wait for a little as your body adjusts. Then, slowly resume making out and any other activities causing you the most excitation and pleasure. You want to warm up and ease into the act without having to thrust quickly in and out.

Best Positions For Sex Well Endowed

Best Sex Positions and Tips for Handle Big Dicks

To help you out further, certain sex positions are ideal for huge dicks. Getting on top during sex helps – being on top allows you to direct the motion and pace yourself. Therefore we highly recommend it. You might also discover that your body responds better to different sex positions. 

Side-by-side postures like spooning can be excellent because these positions won’t allow either of you to thrust too far.  Also, you can hug and cuddle while doing so, which feels fantastic, gives extra skin-on-skin action, and releases all those feel-good chemicals. Here you can Handle Big Dicks properly.

Try experimenting with your legs to determine what position makes you most comfortable. For some people, a missionary position is the most comfortable. Everybody is different, so you can experiment to see what feels the most comfortable. Generally speaking, sex positions from the back tend to be more uncomfortable (mainly if your partner tends to speed up).

Talk to your partner about taking it slow and communicating your feelings at the moment so they can change their approach or focus on other areas of pleasure while your body adjusts.

And remember – lube is extremely, extremely important! We at Flirty Rabbit Vancouver have a range of lubes you can choose if you are unsure what type to use.

Focus On Your Breathing, And Let Go Of Your Anxiety

Are you still scared of taking a huge dick? Breathe deeply and try to refocus your thoughts on the things that make you happy. Achieving an orgasm is not easy when you are swimming in anxiety. Know that you have complete control over the situation. No hurry or pressure exists; you may pick the pace and take your time. Spend as much time as necessary warming up and getting ready—your body will appreciate it!

Also, it may be beneficial to get into an erotic mindset. Create the scene with elements that make you feel good, such as gentle music, comfortable or sexy clothes, or soft lighting. Although it may seem absurd, our minds significantly influence how our bodies react. If you dislike slowness and sensuality, pretend to be a sex kitten or a pornstar, or add a BDSM twist to your activities. One thing that can get your excitement in motion is imagining what a “dirty slut” you are by taking such a large dick.

Also, there are periods during your cycle when your muscles will feel tight. This can happen if you like doing Kegels. Sometimes, your vaginal walls will be more flexible than others (particularly around ovulation). Take it extra slow and accessible during the month when you feel tighter to give your body the warm-up it needs or accept that it might not be the perfect time and day, which is okay too!

Your pussy has more flexibility than you would realize. This means that very few penises are too large for it; therefore, even though it appears that his penis might not fit, your relationship is not done for. You might discover that you enjoy how deeply that enormous dick can penetrate you after you are aroused and relaxed. Use your new information wisely, and double up on the foreplay!

And if you are looking for any fun toys to spice up your sex life or just supplies to have responsible sex, do visit us at Flirty Rabbit Vancouver – we’re your best option for a spicier sex life!